Personalized Glass Photo Frame LED Lamp
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Only Crystal
Crystal with Base
75 x 95 mm
95 x 110 cm
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Size:75 x 95 mm 2. 95 x 110 mm

1. Turn on to the left : No rotating but have light. 2. Turn on to the Middle : It will be closed . 3. Turn on to the right : Rotating and have Light . 4. It is USB Chargable .

1. Professional 3D Laser Engraved Machine and Designer ! We can laser engrave your pic in the sparkling crystal and keep precious moment forever.
2. Our crystal is the perfect gift to capture stunning memories, with beauty and classic elegance for years to come. Great gift for individuals, couples and families.
3. SPECIAL IDEAL GIFT : Pictures will fade easily,personalized laser etched crystal photo won't,it will be a ideal gift for her,it could also be a romantic love wedding gift for her or him,impressive anniversary gift for your darling,birthday gift for your boyfriend and girlfriend,special surprise for Mother's Day and Father's Day.
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